CUTV BLOG TALK RADIO Spotlights Everdora Williams

Naples, FL – Tarot cards can shed light on complex issues, suggest changes coming our way, and guide us in the direction that will help us make the most appropriate decisions.

For Everdora it all began when her mother woefully passed away in 1976 when she was a young woman. She began having vivid dreams and would receive powerful messages from her mother.  Feeling intrigued by her own intuition and perception, she taught herself to read Tarot cards and began doing readings for friends and family. Encouraged by her loved ones who were blown away by her accuracy she began doing readings for the public and  her long list of clients have grown substantially.

“Most people who seek me out are particularly inquisitive about their love lives, careers, and financial concerns,” says Everdora  “Because I put my heart and soul into every reading I provide them with counseling as well which they very much appreciate how much I genuinely care for their well-being.”

Everdora feels overjoyed that she is helping to heal so many people. Although she credits the universe for helping her share her gifts she feels encouraged and hopeful that with her help the world will become a heathier place to live.

“Every single one of us are subjected to negative thoughts and we have to learn how to control these negative feelings and feel love for one another,” says Everdora. “Anger is a natural response but if you are feeling too much of it you are in a negative place. Instead, if you can train your mind to project love to the world and we always need more kindness and love.”

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