Sacred Travel

Come journey from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt up the Nile River where we will stop at some of Egypt’s Sacred Places and feel the energy from within along the way. We’ll visit the Great Pyramid at Giza Plaza and the Sphinx 

Sacred Tour Itinerary

September 2nd-14th, 2020

9/2/20:  Arrive Cairo International Airport  

9/3/20:  Giza / Sakkara / Dahshur

9/4/20:  Cairo / Egyptian Museum / Old Cairo / Bazaar

9/5/20:  Short Flight from Cairo to Aswan / Felucca / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/6/20:  Aswan / Philae Temple / Kom Ombo / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/7/20:  Sail to Edfu / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/8/20:  Edfu Temple / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/9/20:  Edfu / Luxor / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/10/20: Abydos / Dendarah / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/11/20: West Bank of Ancient Thebes / Valley of Kings / Valley of Queens / Temple of Luxor / Hatshepsut Temple / Colossi of Memnon / Dahabiya Hadeel

9/12/20: Luxor / Sail to Esna / Karnak Temple / Sekhmet Chapel / Flight back to Cairo

9/13/20: Giza Pyramids Plateau / Great Pyramid King’s Chamber / Sphinx

9/14/20: Depart Cairo International Airport back to your Home

Will you be joining us on our Sacred Tour to Egypt? If yes, please read our Terms and Conditions fully and complete the Registration Form or contact FairyDust Card Readings, LLC via email at or call (239) 674-6592 and a copy of both will be sent to you via email upon your request. WE WELCOME YOUR PRESENCE!

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