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Everdora became aware of her psychic abilities after the death of her mother in 1976 when she started having very vivid dreams. She noticed many of her dreams were quite prophetic seeing them come true in her waking state. They happened so frequently she began paying attention to the signs and realized the spirit was talking to her through her dreams. She began teaching herself how to read tarot cards and doing readings for friends and family in 1978. The response from her readings was so great she now reads for a long list of clients



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Everdora is the owner of Fairy Dust Card Readings LLC, she is an intuitive psychic and has been reading tarot cards since 1978. Over time she learned to listened to her intuition and dreams. She began reading Angel Oracle Cards, Egyptian Tarot, Fairy Oracle cards and Dream Tarot Cards as well. Her mission is to help others searching for answers to uplift themselves and move forward on a happier and fulfilled life.


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